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so yesterday [Dec. 18th, 2004|06:37 am]
Hot Mama Teachers Fan Club


[mood |thankfulthankful i have new T.H. cofee]
[music |jazz" sing sing sing" (the chips ahoy song)]

The famous marge and i took a trip to meijer to shop for the keenans, and then we will plan another trip to go to the keenans. And so, while at meijer (goodplace) we ran into a ton of things and people we didnt expect, ie: giraafs, monkeys, bears, huge huge huge ugly womens pants, old people, employees, legos, and fish.
but the most important thing is we saw jewel askew, Jenna kolb, Abbey ..(its been a while), and somwhat adam jill. but yes good times, i made some people laugh, i made some people cry, but most of all, marge was there and i saved her gas money on the van, good stuff, um, really wish i had another picture, but what can ya do. alright now, i'll be back

From: chris_is_my_bro
2004-12-19 02:43 am (UTC)
so much fun stalking people last night<3
congrats on the coffee you t.h. freak

i got a pic for ya....
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